A biological Pre-fabricated wastewater treatment plant assembled on site .

  • A real new solution
  • A very simple solution to implement
  • FASTEP treatment plants are composed of light elements and resilient, easily transportable, who can be assembled manually without any heavy machinery.

The construction requires very little civil works with a simple concrete foundation.

The FASTEP solutions offer many advantages:

  • low cost of purchase, installation and maintenance
  • fast and easy assembled
  • adapted to harsh climatic conditions, earth quack resistant
  • less surface needed than other wastewater treatment solutions
  • easy to operate and to maintain
  • corrosion resistance and usable under extreme weather conditions
  • easily disassembled and reassembled

The FASTEP solutions are suitable for small to medium capacity equipment (between 500 and 5,000 Equivalent Persons), they are particularly suitable for the treatment of effluents:

  • small communities,
  • labour camps,
  • holiday villages,
  • dispersed industrial sites.
FASTEP biological Pre-fabricated wastewater treatment