Alveolar Modules of Phytostabilisation
for sewage sludge.

  • A simple and innovative solution.
  • An easy and fast implementation.
  • The problem of the sludge disposal resolved in an economic and sustainable way.

The treatment of waste water or sludge by Alveolar Modules of Phytostabilisation offer many advantages:

  • Modules are easily transportable and the costs of implementation remain low.
  • The treatment by alveolar modules allows to make vary processing capacities according to the evolution of needs, simply by settling additional units.
  • The units of treatment are very easily knockdown and thus reusable several times on different sites.
  • The technology which we selected allows to obtain a high efficiency and thus an excellent quality of treatment.
  • The energy efficiency is excellent what pulls of moderate costs of operation.

This solution thus shows itself perfectly coherent with the requirements of the sustainable development which are imperative today.

MAP : Modules Alvéolaires de Phytostabilisation