Global responsible and sustainable
management for water resources

SD-EAU deliver professional and quality services

  • SD-EAU implements solutions adapted to the requirements of sustainable development through a very thorough analysis of needs and uses that meet the specificities of each project.
  • SD-EAU met provides project owners, detailed, accurate and comprehensive decision making tools.
  • SD-EAU emphasizes proven innovative technology, to deliver the most effective solutions at the best prices.
  • SD-EAU optimize equipment costs but also operating costs.


Water treatment monitoring unit of ground waters for the EOLE project (RER rail) - SOGEA Ile de France

SOGEA Ile de France | EOLE project, Porte Maillot and Saint Lazare, Paris, France | 2017

Supply control for 12 physico-chemical parameters of ground waters at Saint-Lazare (1200 m3/h) and Porte Maillot (1100 m3/h) with treatment (H2S) before natural environment discharge


Design and implementation of a nanofiltration unit for the drinking water supply system of Bouy-Luxembourg

VEOLIA | Bouy-Luxembourg, Aube, France | 2017

- Nanofiltration unit design (12 m3/h)
- Equipment supply
- Commissioning
- Staff training


Design, supply and commissioning of the water treatment plant of the Aloune DIOP University

HYLANDS | Bambey, Senegal | 2016

- Waste water treatment plant design (154 P.E.)
- Process :
     Digester with sludge recirculation
     Trickling filter
- Equipment supply
- Commissioning
- Staff training


Refurbishment of the water-treatment plant of the hospital of Villiers Saint Denis

Renaissance Sanitaire | Villiers Saint Denis, France | 2016

Refurbishment of the water-treatment plant (1.000 EP). Existing installation is traditional type with settling tank and trickling filter fed by sprinkler
- Implementation of a regulated storage tank (80 m3)
- Replacement of screenin


Rehabilitation of the water-treatment plant of Borotou

SUCRIVOIRE SIPH | Borotou, Ivory Coast | 2015

Rehabilitation of a water-treatment plant with activated fludge for urban effluents (10.000 EP)


To be able to offer the Best Available Technologies, we develop our own innovative technical solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Because of our experience we help our different equipment manufacturers to increase the quality and even the technologies of their products.

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